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About Us

AdhiTech in an application developed by PT Adhitama Mitra Nusantara. Its objective is to connect businesses with freelance workers.


Founded on early 2020

We have honed our production processes so every digital product, regardless of size, goes through the same build process, the same testing, and the same performance optimisation procedures.

We believe that we can make notable strides in digital industries and exhibit strong potential for future growth.


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Mitigate your employment risk

Technically, you do not employ our freelance partners. Instead, you are working with them through an intermediary.

Guaranteed data security, privacy and confidentiality

We comply with the current cyberspace legislations, and we ensure that sensitive information will remain for whom it is meant to be.

Cost that translates into productivity

Our proposed model enables your company to transform your labor cost structure from fixed cost into variable cost. In other words, you pay less overheads, and gain more productivity

Cost efficiency

By transforming your employment model, from employing contract workers to hiring our freelance partners, you can make a significant amount of overhead-cost saving.

Instant Reporting

You can access live dashboard on the Key Performance Indicators of our freelance partners that are currently doing the task that benefits you.

Our Services

Sales Support

  • Sales Promotion Girl (SPG)
  • Merchandizer (MD)
  • Beauty Advisor (BA)
  • Taking Order & Canvaser

Control Monitoring

  • Asstes Monitoring
  • Promotion Monitoring


  • Product Survey
  • Market Survey


  • ATM Cleaning
  • Basic, Daily, and General Cleaning

Logistic Solution

  • Delivery
  • Loader and Unloader
  • Helper

Who we work with

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